4G vs. LTE | the Differences Explained

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Introduction 4G was introduced as an upgrade of its predecessor, 3G. 4G offers a much more reliable connection with increased speeds. 4G is the fourth generation mobile network technology. 4G LTE means explicitly Fourth Generation Long-Term Edition which offers blinding fast speeds of over ten times that of 3G. 4G LTE is the fastest mobile […]

What is telecommunications?

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Telecommunications is a wide range of topic. Telecommunication is also by the name Telecom. Telecom services primarily involve transmitting information data over significant and extensive distances using electronic means referring to all kinds of voice, data, and video transmission. Information can be sent through various means like wire and wireless telephones, microwave communications, fiber optics, […]

The Future of Telecom: A Dual Transformation

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The future of the telecommunications industry is becoming increasingly unstable and uncertain due to the increased customer demand changes, rapid innovation of technology and regulatory. For those prime players in the industry who support and embrace disruption, reimagining network service capabilities are offered better opportunities than never before. This includes every major and significant player […]